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2005-07-02 - 7:17 p.m.

I've been looking into moving this blog to Blogspot so I can routinely post...I keep having trouble accessing it, since it isn't a paid account...

So, I'm so happy that 4 years after September 11 and George Bush's promise to make America safer, a pickup truck can still easily crash through an airport fence and onto the tarmac where passenger-filled planes are sitting. I'm especially happy that this story appeared almost nowhere in the mainstream press to make the American people aware this problem still exists. And I love that despite the fact that this is the second time this has happened there in the last two years, officials at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix insist there's no security risk at the airport. I don't think they define security risk the same way the rest of us do...

Bush's 4th of July Speech on Iraq:
# of times September 11 cited: 5
# of times "the terrorists" used: 16
# of additional times just the word "terrorists" used: 7
# of times "terror" or "war on terror" used: 7
# of times "security" used: 14
# of times Sadaam Hussein mentioned: 2

I *knew* I was living in The Twilight Zone. Keith Olbermann confirms it.

Yet another proposed Constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. What is that now, 11 million? No wonder al Qaeda attacked us. How strong can we possibly be, that a little thing like setting fire to some fabric can seriously freak people out enough that they have to go to all the time and money to work to amend an entire national document over 200 years old and put people in prison for doing something as innocuous as lighting a fire? If the fabric of what truly represents us were as weak as people seem to think the flag is, we'd be in a whole mess of worse stuff than setting fire to cloth. Oh, wait.

I have to wonder how often anyone ever sets the flag on fire that this is a problem for so many people, anyway. In my entire life, I can remember one specific instance of someone lighting a flag on fire and making the news (I believe that was 16 years ago), and maybe another 2 or 3 imagined instances that might have happened, or I figure probably happened and I just never heard about it, because I'm sure somebody's done it a time or two that I just don't remember. So it almost never happens, and yet, we need a Constitutional Amendment to prevent it. Huh. I also love how no one ever bitches about the flag touching the ground or being flown in the dark or the rain, which the US flag code says you musn't do. In fact, if a flag *does* touch the ground, you are supposed to destroy it. And the method by which the flag code says it must be destroyed?


Irony, thy name is the US legislature.


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